Locker Side Table Kit

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Locker Side Table Kit

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Side Table Version of the most pinned DIY Iron Pipe Coffee Table in the world is now available as a kit from $140.00


15.75" High x 13.5" Wide x 13.5" Long (suits a top of about 20" x 20" or larger)

Note: this is all the parts for the base, not the top.

 The dimensions shown are for the total height of the legs (without any top), and the width and length calculated from the center of each leg.  Your top will add to the overall height and the overhang of the width and length.

All the pipe and fittings, cut to length, deburred, degreased, and painted.  Just screw it all together and add a top of your choice.  YOU CAN make this table with just a few basic hand tools.

Remember these dimensions are just the base.  Your top will need to be bigger to cover the flanges and add a bit of overhang.  

You will also need 16x #10 screws to attach the base to the top.  The length depends on how thick your table top is.  Ideally the screw should be about 3/4 of the thickness of the table top so that it does not go all the way through, but is still a solid anchor.

The only tools you need are a pencil a drill and a screwdriver.

Place the table top upside down on the floor, place the assembled base upside down (actually it's same either way up) on top of the base.  Line it up so that it has equal spacing all round.  Then mark the four holes in each flange onto the wood, being very careful that the base does not move.  Remove the base and drill all 16 holes (1/8" for hardwood or 3/32" for softwood), being super careful to keep the drill vertical and not to drill all the way through!  Place the base back on, align all the holes and screw the flanges down.  Turn it over and you're done!

And if you want to change any dimension just let Jethro know and he'll work out a custom price for you.


Kit Includes:

BFI-1.0-P-12-B "1"" diam", "12"" Pipe" 1
BFI-1.25-P-7-B "1-1/4"" diam", "7"" Pipe" 8
BFI-1.25-P-2-B "1-1/4"" diam", "2"" Pipe" 4
BFI-1.0-P-2-B "1"" diam", "2"" Pipe" 4
BFI-1.25-F-B "1-1/4"" diam", Flange 8
BFI-1.25-T-B "1-1/4"" diam", Tee 4
BFI-1.25-1.0-R-B "1-1/4"" diam", "Reducer 1-1/4""-1""" 4
BFI-1.0-T-B "1"" diam", Tee 2