Sawdust Sister's Small Desk Leg Kit

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Sawdust Sister's Small Desk Leg Kit

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All the pipe parts for Sawdust Sister's amazing Small Computer Desk

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out HERE.

All iron pipe and fittings are pre cut, threaded, de-yucked and powder coated in black.

CUSTOMIZE THIS KIT  If you'd like us to put together a custom version, we can change any dimension, powder coat, provide wood for the top in any finish (or unfinished), and finish the iron parts in many colours.  Just ask through the feedback form or Contact Us page.

Note: this is just the legs, not the top.

BFI-0.75-P-25-B "3/4""diam", "25"" Pipe" 4
BFI-0.75-P-15-B "3/4""diam", "15"" Pipe" 2
BFI-0.75-90E-B "3/4""diam", 90deg Elbow 4
BFI-0.75-F-B "3/4""diam", Flange 4